VVladislav Radchenko

Software Developer


As of ©2023, I am primarily focused on developing software for Linux and web services. You can find my registration of computer programs and databases.

I specialize in designing convolutional neural networks and machine learning algorithms, drawing inspiration from the latest scientific articles. You can also explore my research papers published in Scopus and WoS databases.

Working with very large data sets is my forte, and I have extensive experience working with Clickhouse, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

In addition, I create video, photo, and audio content using generative neural networks. You can check out some of my posts showcasing my work on various social media platforms.

My technical skills include Python, JavaScript, and Golang, and you can find examples of my code on my GitHub page.
I also have experience with C#, Matlab, and Italian, although I am primarily focused on the languages listed above.

«Quindi... benvenuti nella nuova normalità!»

When was I born? What is my work experience? That I like? That I dislike? Where am I traveling? Where am I? Where do I work? What do I recommend reading? What are projects I share? Projects that excite me?